5 Dating Activities To Help Keep The Spark Alive

Getting past the honeymoon phase of a relationship is a big deal.

You’ve gone beyond the stage of awkward handholding, misinterpretations and constant butterflies, and you’ve made it out on the other side, where you’ve been met with stability, comfort, certainty and, well, you’ll admit it… something that often feels like boredom.

Being in a secure, comfortable relationship is incredible, there’s no denying that. But how are you supposed to keep the spark alive now that things have settled down somewhat? You’re well and truly through with your dating days by now, after all.

But do you have to be?

There is no rule on the length of time a couple can date for before calling it a night and moving on to a life of nights in, dinner before the TV and 9pm bedtimes. In fact, dating should never stop if you want to maintain a healthy relationship. It’s the best way to connect with your partner emotionally and communicate with them beyond asking them to pass the remote. It’s a chance for you to learn something new, share interesting experiences, and reflect on your lives together.

In short, it’s pretty vital.

But what happens if you’re such a seasoned dater that you feel like you’ve done it all? When you’re bored of the romantic dinner out scenario and you’re so fed up enough with work “coffee catch-ups” that the thought of café hopping with your partner is a massive turn-off? Well, there are still plenty of options for you – and there’s no need to stay generic.

If you’re looking for original, boredom-free daring activities to help keep the spark alive, take a look at the 5 suggestions below:

Try a different cuisine

All couples have their favourite shared cuisine. It might be that Indian ranks at your top, or you both know you’ll never go wrong with Mexican. You find yourself visiting the same restaurants time and time again, just because you can’t get enough of their food.

That’s all very nice in theory, but why not try out something a little more exotic for a change? There are plenty of restaurants specialising in dishes you may not have ever heard of before, from countries you’ve never visited. Source them out and book a reservation at the one that sounds the most intriguing. Trying out a new cuisine with your partner is a great way to share an exciting few hours and grow together at the same time.

Attend a class

There’s no denying that having your own separate interests is the key to a healthy relationship – but when was the last time either of you tried something new? If you honestly can’t remember, it’s time to sign yourself up for a class.

No matter what your tastes, from cooking, to craft, and even more niche activities, there’s a class for everyone. Maybe try really going for it and choosing something you’ve never done before in your life. It’ll be fun to share the learning experience together, and you might just pick up on a new hobby for life.

Throw a picnic in your living room

What’s your usual nightly living room situation? PJs and home-cooked food in front of the TV? Maybe you need to introduce something one-off and fun into your routine.

Dating doesn’t always have go involve going out and spending copious amounts of money. Simply head to the shops, pick up a few picnic foods you’ve never tried before, and get yourself a hamper. Spread it out on the floor, and get talking. No TV allowed! This is a time to get to know your partner like you did when the two of you first got together. It’s a really simple and cost-effective way to keep that spark alive.

Get the adrenaline flowing

Fed up of that slight feeling or boredom you feel on your regular dates? Why not really mix things up a bit and do something to get the adrenaline flowing?

From rock climbing to water skiing, mountain biking to roller coaster riding, there are hundreds of options for all the adrenaline junkies out there. The more daunting the experience, the better, as it’ll pull you and your partner closer simply from the mutual fear you’ll feel – and the support and encouragement you can offer one another at the time. Not to mention the endorphin high you’ll get to share once you’ve conquered something really scary!

Double date

It’s understandable if you balk at the idea of spending your “intimate date nights” with another couple, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. There’s something about going out as a bigger group of couples that can really improve your own personal connection with your partner.

If you don’t have any friends who are in a relationship, check out local meetup groups in the area. There are always people looking for the same experiences as you, and chances are, you’ll find a like-minded couple to catch up with from time to time. We’re not saying every date should be a double date, but it’s a great way to mix things up every now and then!